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Data Management
for Cloud Applications

Designed for real-time value at epic scale

Your customers expect personalized behavior, demand adaptive fraud prevention that detects and takes action on suspicious activities and the Internet of Things (IoT) requires real-time reporting and alerts for every connected device, sensor and application. Survival in this new world requires that their applications become data-driven. They must be able to consume data at epic scale, from anywhere in the world, and create real-time responses that change outcomes.

Cloud applications are at this intersection of real-time value and epic scale.To make this vision a reality, it requires that you adopt technology that is designed to solve these problems. You need a database platform like DataStax Enterprise, that can distribute load efficiently and provide you with responsive access to data so that you can build the intelligent applications that your customers demand.

Distributed by Design

If information determines your ability to deliver functionality, you’ll need technologies that allow you to scale seamlessly with your data. The only way to do this is to distribute load across many machines so that the work is shared. This allows you to build redundancies so that if any machine fails, your application can continue to function without downtime. By adopting distributed technologies, you can shift work between on-premise, cloud and hybrid datacenters so that your application is active-everywhere and provides the same experience no matter where your customers are. Distributed technologies also allow you to grow with your data so that your application is responsive at any scale. In a world where speed, scale and availability matter, distributed technologies form the base upon which everything else stands.
“Failover-based approaches, however, do not truly achieve high availability, and
can have excessive cost due to the deployment of standby resources.”

Required to be Responsive

Data provides the context necessary to make informed decisions. Access to this data in real-time, with speeds fast enough to change outcomes is the difference between making an intelligent decision and a missed opportunity. An alert isn’t useful if it flags a piece of machinery after it’s failed, a customer has no value if they’ve already churned, and an offer doesn’t entice a customer if their shopping cart is already abandoned. Responsive, real-time access to data is the prerequisite necessary for engaging, intelligent applications.
Amazon found every 100ms of latency cost them 1% in sales. Google found an
extra .5 seconds in search page generation time dropped traffic by 20%.

Intelligent by Necessity

It’s one thing to collect lots of data, it’s another to create value from it. Intelligent behavior arises when we can take what we know and combine it with what is happening to create contextual, informed decisions. It’s only through our ability to interact with the world to change outcomes by making intelligent decisions that data becomes valuable. In order to make this a reality you’ll need the prerequisites of distributed and responsive technology, but also the functionality that facilitates your ability to make sense of data. The technology must incorporate the best attributes of batch analytics, newer real-time streaming analytics, and graph technologies which help you place events and customers in context. It’s only when you bring together these multiple approaches that intelligent behavior emerges.
“Analytics leaders of the future will make sure they have a clear mandate
– business value. In the coming years, business value based on analytics
is ready to explode through the use of automated algorithms.”

Creating Real-Time Value at Epic Scale

At DataStax, we believe firmly in helping you create real-time value at epic scale for your cloud applications. Our goal is to make it easy for you to create next-generation transformative technology. DataStax Enterprise (DSE) has at its core the Apache Cassandra™ database which grants us the ability to scale linearly, provide continuous availability, supply ultra-low response rates, and best in class multi-datacenter replication. And built into this database we’ve incorporated advanced graph, security, management, analytics, and search components which makes it possible to create intelligent behavior. These attributes – distributed, responsive, and intelligent make DataStax Enterprise the database for Cloud Applications.