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Cassandra NYC 2011: Cassandra 1.0 and Beyond

Title: Cassandra 1.0 and Beyond

Presenter: Jonathan Ellis (DataStax)

Description: Jonathan Ellis, DataStax CTO and Apache Project Chair of Cassandra, talks about what’s new in Cassandra 1.0. He also gives a glimpse into what the future holds. Jonathan is CTO and co-founder at DataStax (formerly Riptano). Prior to DataStax, Jonathan worked extensively with Apache Cassandra while employed at Racksace. Prior to Rackspace, Jonathan built a multi-petabyte, scalable storage system based on Reed-Solomon encoding for backup provider Mozy.

DataStax, the commercial leader in Apache Cassandra™, along with the NYC Cassandra User Group, NoSQL NYC, and Big Data NYC joined together to present the first Cassandra New York City conference on December 6, 2011.

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