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At our meetups, you will be given the opportunity to expand your network and engage like minded Cassandra and DataStax Enterprise users in informal discussion, both virtually and in-person! Also watch talks from some of the brightest DataStax Enterprise and Cassandra users in your area, as well as from DataStax experts from around the world.

Educate yourselves about DataStax Enterprise and join our DataStax User Groups as part of our newly formed DataStax Professional Community!

The DataStax Professional Community, brought to you by the Developer Relations team. The DPC aims to provide developers with the information and education they need to be successful with Cassandra and DataStax Enterprise.

Our goal is to bring our fast-growing community together, to share their knowledge.
Join us!

Here is the take of Datastax’s Chief Technical Evangelist, Patrick McFadin on the DataStax Professional Community.
Operations / DBA’s
Central IT / CIO