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Let’s be awesome together! Connect and learn with the DataStax community in-person and online to grow your skills and meet your peers.

Cassandra Day
Learn how to be awesome with C*, plus network with peers and Cassandra experts that will walk you to success step by step. No prior C* knowledge required. The workshops will cover Core Cassandra, Data Modeling and Application Development. You’ll find upcoming events on our community calendar.

Get together with colleagues and peers to learn from each other in a casual setting. See what’s coming up on the community events calendar (add it to your GCal by clicking the blue plus sign).
Don’t see a Meetup coming up in your city? Search to join your local DataStax or Cassandra user group and let’s get something started!

Our Developer Advocates are coding and talking shop on Twitch throughout the week. Set a reminder for your favorite show so you never miss an episode, or catch them afterward on our YouTube channel under Twitch Rewind.
Operations / DBA’s
Central IT / CIO