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U.S. Department of Treasury

DataStax helps agencies modernize and optimize their operational database capabilities to securely power mission-critical applications. 

Why DataStax for the Department of Treasury

DataStax Enterprise (DSE) is a modern, secure database solution that helps agencies visualize, explore, and connect complex data sources; enrich analysis; and spot critical trends and connections easily to detect fraud and enforce policy and regulatory compliance tied to top federal missions and programs.




A dynamic data platform based on the foundational principles of creating scalable apps, building resilient architectures, securely managing data across distributed hybrid environments, and ensuring agility to make quick changes.

Security and Compliance

Eliminate security risks in real time, improve compliance with regulations, and apply access controls at the data source with industry-leading security features like authentication, authorization, data encryption, and data auditing. 

Digital Experience

Connect relevant data relationships, optimize digital customer experiences, and visualize insights that inform next best action with DSE’s integrated solution, including core Cassandra, DSE Search, Analytics, and Graph.

Leaders Implementing DataStax

See how customers are using DataStax to revolutionize how they use data and lead the wave of disruption in their industries.

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Case Study

Mint Bills Simplifies Personal Finances with DataStax

To deliver the best possible customer experience, Mint Bills realized that it needed a more powerful technology approach for its database infrastructure. It also needed a fast and reliable way to aggregate user information daily and analyze and keep track of large volumes of data from more than 11 million customers.


Merging Commercial Practices into the Federal Government – A Story

In this DataStax Accelerate presentation, Andrew Losey, Cloud Architect at Booz Allen Hamilton, discusses the adoption of DataStax’s proprietary solution, building and automating efforts, viral events, team and resource constraints, and DataStax support engagement.

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