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MobilePay Taps DSE for Leading Payments Application

MobilePay has quickly become Denmark’s go-to payments application. While the success has been welcomed and expected, it’s also come with major challenges on the data management side.

To be able to handle the spike in application users and transactional volume, MobilePay’s IT team needed to completely rethink its data management strategy and switch to a cloud-based infrastructure that uses a microservices-based approach to building modern applications.

“We wanted to implement a distributed database that would fit with our microservices-based application strategy and that would be able to handle the availability and scalability needs of the applications too. (Apache) Cassandra™ matched this model perfectly, and the production support for DataStax Enterprise made a big difference. We considered other approaches based on SQL Server, but the distributed and always-on nature of DataStax Enterprise was a far better fit. The support from DataStax would also be essential as we moved into production—the company was the only option that would meet our needs around service-level commitments.”

Rune Birkemose Jakobsen, Danske Bank Development Manager

The Opportunity

MobilePay, Denmark’s leading payments application, found itself inundated with new users and needed to completely revamp its data management strategy to handle the huge increase in volume. With its mainframe system failing, the company set its eyes on the cloud.

In order to successfully transition to a highly distributed computing environment that could scale easily and handle their rapidly growing amount of transactional data, MobilePay needed to switch a modern, microservices-based approach to application design.

The company chose DataStax Enterprise to migrate from mainframes to microservices, support its new distributed computing environment, scale easily in a private cloud environment, and continue to grow successfully.

The Solution

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Advanced Performance

DSE 6 offers double the performance of the previous version of DSE and has now been independently verified as being at least twice as fast as open source Apache Cassandra.

Data Autonomy

Data Autonomy means having full control of your data and freedom to move it wherever you want, whenever you want.

Apache Cassandra

The open source core of our technology and greatness we are built on, Apache Cassandra offers power and flexibility like no other database.

Database Power

DataStax Enterprise, the leading distributed cloud database built on the best distribution of Apache Cassandra™ and designed for hybrid cloud.


The Results



9 out of 10 customer satisfaction score maintained



Per-minute average in money transfers achieved


Million+ users

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