Building Transactional Intelligence With DataStax Enterprise

ACI Worldwide, a payment systems software leader and pioneer, needed to ramp up its database power and flexibility to be able to handle the increasing volume of transactions running across its globe-spanning payment systems. 

With the risk of payment transaction fraud increasing exponentially with the volume of transactions, ACI Worldwide knew it needed a database made to scale easily and to analyze massive volumes of data in real-time.

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“The Datastax Enterprise environment is a horizontally scalable data environment, so as the demands on that environment increase, we simply add more nodes to the cluster and that continues to expand the capabilities. All of this can be done with zero downtime. We don’t have to have any kind of service interruptions while we are scaling up or scaling back the service. That is a really key capability for ACI particularly because our work flows ebb and flow through our different services.”

Ken Chenis

Chief Architect, ACI Worldwide

The Opportunity

ACI Worldwide’s software is used around the world for payment systems and transactions of all types. From the ATM withdrawal to the in-store debit card swipe to wholesale bank deposit, ACI Worldwide has its hands deeply in the global transaction ecosystem.

ACI Worldwide was facing an incredible surge not just in global transaction volume but also in fraud attempts and fraud networks, meaning the way it handled data needed to change quickly.

To make the most of its data and also keep transactions safe, ACI Worldwide needed a distributed, scalable, active-everywhere database that would prevent downtime during high traffic periods while allowing it to build its machine intelligence engine.

The Solution

The Results


Improvement in false positive and fraud detection rate


Uptime to ensure customers’ systems keep running during high traffic periods


Of customer dollars saved via better fraud detection