Clear Capital Delivers Around-The-Clock Appraisals with DataStax

Clear Capital is the premium provider of data and solutions for residential and commercial real estate asset valuation and collateral risk assessment for large financial services companies. Clear Capital’s combination of progressive technology, high caliber in-house staff, and a well-trained network of more than 40,000 field experts sets new standards for accurate and well documented valuation data and assessments. The company’s customers include the largest U.S. banks, investment firms, and other financial organizations.

Clear Capital

“The ability to massively scale and deliver ongoing availability without sacrificing speed inspires us to do things we didn’t think was possible before.”

David Prinzing

Solutions Architect, Clear Capital

The Opportunity

Large volumes of high velocity data

Maintaining continuous availability across data centers

Delivering accurate property valuations and assessments in real-time

The Solution

The Results

No planned outages

Delivered over 1B valuations on 122M properties while remaining always-on

Gain data driven insights that ensure accuracy of property valuations