Coursera Delivers On-Demand Education on Any Device with DataStax

Coursera is an education platform that partners with top universities and organizations worldwide, to offer courses online for anyone to take, for free. Coursera has a mission to provide users around the globe access to a world-class education wherever they are, whenever they want it. Coursera currently offers some 700 classes on their platform to more than 9.9 million students around the world.

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"High availability is extremely important to us and our users, and that was the first thing that caught our eye with Apache Cassandra and DataStax. High availability with reliable performance is a big win for us."

Daniel Chia

Software Engineer, Coursera

The Opportunity

Unexpected application downtime due to RDBMS single points of failure

Limitations in introducing new features due to scale concerns

Unstable performance with MySQL

The Solution

The Results

On-demand courses with 24×7 availability to users

Expanding to multiple data centers to support demand

Reduced time-to-market on new product features