Financial Exchanges at the Speed of Real Time

Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) builds and operates global financial and commodity markets, including the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). To be able to design powerful and innovative applications that connect investors and traders with real-time financial information, they rely on one key function: harnessing and analyzing massive volumes of real-time data with high reliability. 

This is a true example of real-time data in action and the power of an always-on cloud database.

Intercontinental Exchange
Case Study

Intercontinental Exchange, Inc. (ICE): Powering the World’s Traders with DataStax

Operating 23 regulated exchanges and marketplaces worldwide, including the New York Stock Exchange, ICE requires serious database power to provide the game-changing financial applications that allow its clients to make quick and smart trading decisions. This customer page describes why ICE chose DataStax Enterprise, and how it uses the always-on distributed cloud database.

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DataStax for High Volume, Real-Time Application

The real-time demands on modern business applications used by customers and frontline employees or partners have become so extreme that even disk and network access takes too long. It's not just the latency. In order to respond faster to each request or automate certain tasks, these applications have to process much larger data sets in real-time. Learn more about how American Airlines (AA) used DataStax to solve these challenges. This session will go through the architecture and technology choices to meet the requirements and SLAs of the business, and some of their initial requirements for evaluating various technologies.

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“DataStax really helps us scale our environments infinitely as we grow beyond the capabilities of single or even a cluster of computers.”  

Steve Hirsch, Chief Data Officer

Chief Data Officer, NYSE / Intercontinental Exchange

The Opportunity

ICE needed to be able provide reliable real-time financial data to traders, risk managers, brokers, and investors to help enable them to make better investment decisions and meet ever-stricter compliance obligations.

Handling massive amounts of extremely volatile financial data means harnessing the power of a cloud database to ensure this data is accurate, timely, safe, and easily accessible for innovative, always-on applications.

ICE needed a data management solution for two new business-critical applications—one for bonds and one for derivatives—that required an always-on, distributed cloud database with real-time search and analytics.

The Solution

The Results


DSE nodes in production


Terabytes of data handled daily by those 25 nodes


Global data sources aggregated into a single feed for holistic view of price levels and liquidity