Managing an IoT Network With DataStax Enterprise

Kapsch CarrierCom, a leading provider of global telecommunications and mobility solutions, needed an easily scalable, always-on database solution for a utility company using their services. 

To accommodate the company’s massive network and data demands driven by its SaaS-based IoT platform, Kapsch knew it needed something that could handle real-time data at massive scale. 

Kapsch CarrierCom
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“We needed a solution that does not suffer from bottlenecks or scalability limitations, but on the contrary is really ‘always on,’ provides absolute failsafe performance for mission-critical tasks, includes analysis tools, and furnishes a highly reliable support system."

Josep Colom Ikuno

Business Solutions Manager, Kapsch CarrierCom

The Opportunity

Headquartered in Vienna and serving customers in more than 25 countries, Kapsch CarrierCom is a global developer of end-to-end telecommunications solutions for mission-critical networks.

A large utility company using Kapsch’s software had a highly demanding SaaS-based IoT network that required the ability to analyze massive volumes of data in real time.

To serve the needs of this customer and also other, similar customers moving forward, Kapsch needed to be able to provide a highly scalable database solution that wouldn’t go down with heavy traffic.

The Solution

The Results


Railway operators with optimized network efficiency and performance.


Railway-dedicated base stations for LTE- or 3GPP-compatibility deployed in live networks.


Employees worldwide.