Netflix Gives Users Exactly What They Want - Every Time

In 2010, Netflix began moving its data to Amazon Web Services (AWS) to offer subscribers more flexibility across devices. At the time, Netflix was using Oracle as the back-end database and was approaching limits on traffic and capacity with the ballooning workloads managed in the cloud. The company knew that a single data center meant a single point of failure, and outages or poor-quality streaming could drive away customers. The problem they found with a central SQL database was that everything was in one place—which is only convenient until it fails. Because the database is expensive, users tend to put everything in there—compounding the impact of a potential failure.

The Opportunity

Affordable capacity to store and process immense amounts of data (more than 2.1 billion reads and 4.3 billion writes per day).

Single point of failure with Oracle’s legacy relational architecture.

Achieving business agility for international expansion.

The Solution

The Results

DataStax delivers a throughput of more than 10 million transactions per second

Effortless creation/management of new data clusters across various regions

Capture of every detail of customer viewing and log data