Ooyala is helping their customers take a more strategic approach when delivering a digital video experience

“Ooyala” means “cradle” in the Southern Indian language of Telegu; the company chose the name because “it describes what we do: give birth to new ideas and new innovations in online video.” One particular area of focus for innovation for Ooyala is analytics. “We provide very powerful analytics, including geographic and URL-level analytics, that allow our customers to see how their content is performing – and why – and how they can improve on that,” Robertson explains. “So, instead of telling a customer, “Your video has 100 plays today,” we have the ability to report, “Your video had 100 plays. Sixty were in Beijing, and 20 were on Yahoo.com.”


"With a conventional database, we’d have to be really in the trenches, or completely re-architecting how we absorb that data. But because we had Apache Cassandra, we knew we’d have to add a few additional nodes to the cluster, at most, and without having to fundamentally re-architect our solution."

Harry Robertson

, Ooyala

The Opportunity

Respond efficiently to significant spikes in incoming data levels and escalating storage demands.

Develop new data analytics product offerings, while maintaining high levels of service for customers in the fast-evolving digital video industry.

The Soltuion

The Results

The elastically scalable Apache Cassandra database, which allows Ooyala to absorb and leverage massive amounts of digital video data by simply adding nodes to Cassandra’s cluster ring architecture, which can grow to include hundreds of thousands of nodes.