Penn Mutual Simplifies Storage and Access to 150 Years of Data with DataStax Enterprise

In 2010, Penn Mutual’s Information Management and Technology Division, the IT arm of the business, started a project called “Core Services” aiming to merge all data domains spread throughout the company into a single source by marrying their service oriented architecture and master data management capabilities into a comprehensive system.

Penn Mutual started out with a traditional RDBMS approach for the persistence layer of their Core Service, but soon realized that it could not meet their requirements for application performance or scalability with the existing RDBMS footprint without a large cost commitment.

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We have to be ready for disaster recovery all the time. It’s great that Cassandra allows for active-active multiple data centers where we can read and write data anywhere.

Mark Dash

Assistant Vice President of Information Technology, Penn Mutual

The Opportunity

The Solution

The Results

Single source of information with authoritative access via DataStax Enterprise

Enabled sales with holistic view of policy data and ad-hoc searches

More applications and services are created for both internal and external use