ProtectWise is Revolutionizing Enterprise Network Security with the DataStax Platform

ProtectWise shifts network security to the cloud to provide complete visibility and detection of enterprise threats and accelerated incident response. The company is disrupting network security with its Cloud Network DVR, a virtual camera in the cloud that records everything on the network. It allows security professionals to see threats in real time and continuously goes back in time to discover previously unknown threats automatically.

ProtectWise relies on DataStax Enterprise to provide an always-on, highly scalable, and secure platform to build their network security technology delivered 100% from the cloud.

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"We are dealing with petabytes of data on a regular basis with millions of transactions per second, so the scale of these systems is beyond what you would expect out of a traditional application."

Gene Stevens

Co-Founder and CTO, Protectwise

The Opportunity

The Solution

The Results

Easily handle millions of writes and transactions per second without latency, data loss or downtime

Ensure 100% uptime of their cloud-based enterprise network security service

Accelerated time-to-market, allowing them to deliver their product to market very rapidly