RevTrax Switches to DSE to Realize 10x Performance

RevTrax provides an AI-based promotional and advertising offer management platform that enables businesses to run smarter offers, track attribution from ad to purchase, and drive higher return on investment (ROI) for their digital marketing campaigns. 

They selected DataStax Enterprise (DSE) to scale to meet growing business needs and realized a 10 times increase in performance with zero downtime.


“Our metric is how long we go without any downtime. We've been able to achieve that with Cassandra in ways that we could not have with MySQL.”

Greg Hansen

Co-founder and CTO, RevTrax

The Opportunity

RevTrax operates in a multi-data center environment. They were using MySQL to handle large volumes of reads and writes, but the relational database was having trouble scaling to meet increasing demand. 

The company chose DataStax Enterprise (DSE) for its uptime, linear scale, and durability. With no single point of failure and masterless architecture, DSE enabled them to meet their scale and zero downtime goals. 

Today, RevTrax is experiencing a 10 times increase in performance, and the confidence that DSE can handle their need to scale. 

The Solution

The Results


Times performance with DSE