Saab Leverages Datastax Enterprise For Information Fusion System

Saab Medav Technologies is a leading global provider of military defense and civil security products, services, and solutions, including signal processing and analysis. They needed a highly scalable, high-performance database to implement a new product line. They chose DataStax Enterprise for its ability to meet their needs.

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The new generation of products is our answer to the increasing requirements of our customers in the areas of information merging and processing. DataStax Enterprise technology provides the necessary scalability.

Bernd-Otto Wolf

Information Fusion Systems Product Manager, Saab Medav Technologies

The Opportunity

Saab Medav Technologies needed to consolidate multiple databases to power a new product line. They needed to be able to scale and have it be compatible with graph databases and indexes. 

The company chose DataStax Enterprise (DSE) for its high performance, scalability, and intuitive operation; they also chose the Apache Cassandra™-based solution for its graphical reporting and ability to support their growing business.

Today, Saab Medav Technologies has successfully launched and is running their powerful Information Fusion System with confidence that DSE can handle their need to scale.

The Solution

The Results


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