Personalized Streaming on Demand with DataStax Enterprise

The #1 live TV streaming service with approximately 2.3 million customers, Sling TV was looking to provide a more personalized service for its users. 

They recognized the need for a highly available, scalable, and centralized data solution for their 16 platforms to deliver a great customer experience. They also wanted to build the Sling TV backend on-demand in a hybrid cloud environment. 

Sling TV
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"DataStax Enterprise (DSE) has become a key part of our hybrid cloud strategy and has enabled our software to run in private and public clouds with close to the same tooling. With DSE, we are now able to replicate data across the country in less than two seconds, which is a big win for us. We look forward to leveraging DSE to power the future growth of Sling TV."

Brad Linder

Director, Cloud Native Engineering, Sling TV

The Opportunity

Sling TV was looking for a proven solution to stay competitive and provide a first-class customer experience. They wanted to personalize the user experience on a grand scale and also be able to scale on demand.

This new platform needed to be highly available and resilient while being able to centralize business logic across 16 platforms across the country. They wanted to be able to deliver a seamless experience to all customers.

Sling TV needed a distributed database with a continuous deployment model and the ability to build out a backend in the hybrid cloud environment. The chosen solution also needed to provide media distribution capabilities.

The Solution

The Results


Platforms serviced across smart TVs, tablets, game consoles, smartphones, and streaming devices


Million customers served by on-demand data center’s faster, more personalized content delivery


Seconds to replicate data across the country