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DataStax Data Retention Policies

The following tables provide information about DataStax Data Retention Policies in various capacities across DataStax products and services.

Customer and Non-Customer Data1

Record Category Retention Period
Business Contact information 2 years
DataStax Managed Services (DMS) metrics 1 year
DMS logging 180 days
All customer data 30 days after the relationship ends 
DataStax Astra usage metrics 2 years
DataStax Astra business contact information 2 years

1Non-Customer refers to individuals who do not buy a product or pay for services but have provided data to attend DataStax events and access DataStax resources.

Data Stored in DataStax Managed Services (DMS) & DataStax Astra

Record Category Retention Period
Log data 180 days for active customers, deleted 30 days after customer relationship ends 
Metrics & monitoring data 1 year
Account settings 90 days following account closure
Any other metadata 30 days following account closure

DataStax Astra-specific data

Record Category Retention Period
Account contact data - names, email addresses, mobile numbers, address, company 90 days following account closure or upon request
Data within Astra 90 days following termination of contract, account closure or upon request - data may also be returned to the customer if requested
Data received from Google - GCP Marketplace 30 days following account closure or termination of contract by customer
Additionally at the request of Google
Customer metrics - usage amounts, business intelligence data 2 years or 90 days following account closure or termination of contract
Customer financial data - invoices, payment data, billing data from third party payment vendor (Stripe) 2 years

Where technically feasible, data held by DataStax in DMS & Astra will be deleted within 30 days following a customer request.

Metadata on DMS & Astra will be retained for 1 year.