Startup Program FAQ

How do I get access to the Startup Program?

Due to overwhelming demand, the DataStax Startup Program is closed and is not accepting applications for new enrollees.

What else does DataStax offer?

DataStax offers a variety of products and services for Apache Cassandra. Some are paid, some are free. For a complete listing, check look at the products section on In addition to free development tools such as DevCenter, DataStax also offers services such as training (public and private), support, and professional services such as architecture consultation. This is in addition to the offerings in this program – DataStax Enterprise. If you’re interested in a more detailed description, just reach out to your contact from the startup program enrollment process.

Where can I learn more?

DataStax offers a free, online training course through its virtual academy. There is also great documentation available at the DataStax Developer Center. For a comprehensive set of FAQs, reference the DataStax FAQ page. Lastly you can find he latest on Apache Cassandra community here.

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