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We build on greatness, starting with Apache Cassandra and adding double the horsepower, self-driving simplicity, and a complete data layer with search, analytics, graph, and advanced security.

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Powerful. Simple. Complete.

We’ve contributed more than 80% of the code commits to Apache Cassandra, establishing it as the de facto standard open source distributed database. Enterprise customers demand more, and DataStax Enterprise delivers all the advantages of Cassandra plus additional powerful features you can’t afford NOT to have.

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DataStax scalable architecture diagram built on Apache Cassandra™

A Unified Data Layer

DSE Analytics

Built on a production-certified version of Apache Spark™and with enhanced capabilities like AlwaysOn SQL and highly available Spark resource manager, DataStax Enterprise (DSE) Analytics allows you to build real-time, contextual applications for highly relevant, in-the-moment decisions.

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DSE Search

DSE Search offers powerful search and indexing capabilities for your DSE cluster, enabling you to quickly find data and provide a highly relevant, instantaneous search experience for your users. DSE Search helps users go directly to the products and services that are most relevant to them.

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DSE Graph

DSE Graph is an add-on to DSE that enables enterprises to identify and analyze hidden relationships between connected data to build powerful applications for fraud detection, customer 360, social networks, and real-time recommendations. Optimized for storing billions of items and their relationships, DSE Graph incorporates all the enterprise-class capabilities of DSE.

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Advanced Database Capabilities

DSE goes far beyond Apache Cassandra database capabilities with double the horsepower, operational simplicity, and advanced security.

DSE Advanced Performance

DSE includes twice the horsepower of Apache Cassandra, delivering twice the throughput to handle twice the workloads with the same hardware. Plus DataStax Bulkloader makes loading and unloading data a snap.

DSE NodeSync

A major challenge of Apache Cassandra is operational management. Repairing nodes for synchronization is an intensely manual process that requires the right expertise. DSE NodeSync removes that pain, eliminating 90% of such manual operations. So even novice DBAs and DevOps professionals can run DSE like seasoned professionals.

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