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Enabling Developers to Create Database Queries Using Natural Language; Improving Code Quality, Streamlining Prototyping, and Driving Productivity Gains

On May 21, 2024

Microsoft Build, Seattle, Wash. – May 21, 2024 – DataStax, the generative AI data company, today announced the limited public beta of its GitHub Copilot extension, which lets developers chat in natural language directly with their Astra DB database for data queries and code generation support. 

The extension, shown during today’s Microsoft Build keynote presentation in Seattle, Wash., provides developers with seamless access to their Astra DB database through GitHub Copilot Chat. Developers describe desired data outcomes in natural-language prompts, and Copilot translates those requests into database queries that the Astra DB Data API can execute. Users can get their hands on the limited beta in the GitHub marketplace.

“The DataStax extension for GitHub Copilot lets developers easily interact with Astra DB so they can access their data and understand their database structure with ease,” said Ed Anuff, chief product officer, DataStax. “Copilot provides users with intelligent suggestions and code snippets tailored to Astra DB schema and metadata, removing routine coding tasks and improving code quality with context-aware suggestions and autocomplete.” 

For more information, check out the blog post on the Astra DB GitHub extension, take a look at the GitHub Copilot extension blog, or head to the DataStax booth, number FP26, at Microsoft Build.




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