Announcing DataStax Community Edition with Apache Cassandra 1.2.2

By Robin Schumacher -  February 25, 2013 | 0 Comments

We’re pleased to let you know that Apache Cassandra and DataStax Community Edition (DSC) 1.2.2 are both now ready for download.

What makes 1.2.2 of Cassandra/DSC a particularly interesting and compelling release is that it contains a number of security features that the Cassandra community has been requesting for quite a while. DataStax has been working on improving the security capabilities of both Cassandra and DataStax Enterprise for some time now and, being an open source company, we always try to ensure that we are giving back to the Cassandra community things that helps maintain Cassandra as the top choice for those wanting an open source NoSQL database that can handle real big data workloads.

With version 1.2.2, we’ve delivered internal authentication and authorization that lets you manage login ID’s and passwords inside of Cassandra, as well as who can do what inside a database cluster from an authorization (i.e. permissions) perspective.

Those wanting someone similar to what you get with traditional RDBMS’s with authentication / authorization can simply set a couple of parameters and hit the ground running. You can use very familiar syntax to create and manage users (e.g. CREATE / ALTER / DROP USER) and control what they can do inside the database (GRANT / REVOKE), so there is little to no learning curve involved.

Further, the Cassandra-based authentication and authorization are just one possible implementation of these types of security enforcement; you have the flexibility to create/use others if you'd like. Also, you have the option of using authentication without authorization if you choose. Some of you told us you just want users authenticated to a database with no further enforcement, so we've provided that flexibility.

In addition to these new features, client-to-node encryption is also a part of the open source version of Cassandra and what’s inside DSC.

Lastly, the community edition of DataStax OpsCenter contains some major new features that are free for everyone to use. We've supplied visual cluster provisioning that lets you set up new clusters in the cloud or on premise with just a few mouse clicks. You can also visually add new nodes, start / stop/ restart clusters, edit configuration files, and more. There's also improved functionality for visually creating and editing keyspaces, tables, and indexes.

For more information on these new features, see our online documentation as well as some new tech blog posts that will appear on our developer blog shortly.


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