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Announcing DataStax Enterprise 3.1 and OpsCenter 3.2

By Robin Schumacher, SVP and Chief Product Officer -  July 23, 2013 | 0 Comments

We’re pleased to announce the immediate availability of DataStax Enterprise 3.1, which includes the latest release of OpsCenter, version 3.2. For all the specific details about what’s new in both the DataStax Enterprise sever and OpsCenter, I’ll point you to our “What’s New in DataStax Enterprise 3.1?” white paper, but let me highlight just a few areas for you now.

The inclusion and production certification of Cassandra 1.2 and Solr 4.3, along with additional new features, bring to the table a number of improvements for our enterprise NoSQL platform in four key areas:  (1) performance; (2) scalability; (3) manageability; (4) developer enablement.

On the performance and scalability fronts, we’re happy to tell you that you can now manage up to 10x the amount of Cassandra data per node over prior versions for many use cases with the same high levels of performance. The end benefit to you is reduced hardware costs as well as less time and effort in managing large scale-out architectures. Many enhancements in memory management (in both Cassandra and Solr), faster data compression algorithms, speed up’s in data distribution across a cluster, and more all combine to make this the fastest and most scalable version of DataStax Enterprise ever.

We’ve also made it easier to manage, modify, and grow database clusters. With the inclusion of virtual nodes, now a cluster’s data distribution balance is automatically maintained when new nodes are added, with node addition operations occurring much faster than before because the task is now parallelized across all nodes vs. just a few.

Enhancements in OpsCenter also help make management and monitoring of database clusters easier by supporting virtual nodes and objects created with CQL3. New caching mechanisms also provide a near 10x speedup in displaying monitoring statistics.

Developers will be very pleased with what they find in version 3.1 of DataStax Enterprise. Over 60 new search features make developing search applications much easier than with prior versions. But perhaps more importantly, version 3.1 fully supports CQL3, which supplies you with many new Cassandra features such as collections, along with Cassandra’s CQL binary protocol that works with our new DataStax Java and .NET drivers.

Whether you’re an existing DataStax customer or new to DataStax Enterprise, I encourage you to download version 3.1 now and start benefiting today from all the new capabilities that’s in our enterprise NoSQL database platform.

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