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Automating Cassandra Deployments in the Cloud with PyStratus

By Brandon Williams -  October 11, 2010 | 0 Comments

While creating a Cassandra cluster is relatively straightforward, as with any clustered system there are mundane and sometime tedious tasks to perform. The binary artifacts have to be synced across machines, the config files need to be created and define all the ColumnFamilies, and then there's the problem of setting the initial token for each node to achieve a balanced cluster, which prevents a simple rsync of the configuration across all the nodes. If you're doing this often and not persisting the cluster (for instance, during testing) this can be a lot of manual duplication.

This is where the recently released PyStratus project by Digital Reasoning comes to the rescue. With a single command, you can launch a cluster of any size, optionally make it persistent, and be ready to start taking load in minutes.

Need to leverage Cassandra's Hadoop support? PyStratus allows you to launch a Hadoop cluster, a Cassandra cluster, or a hybrid cluster of both. To get started, check out the PyStratus documentation.

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