DataStax Python Driver: Beta release available!

By Michael Figuiere -  August 19, 2013 | 6 Comments

Several weeks after open sourcing our Python Driver, we're proud to release a first beta of this new driver designed for CQL and the Native Protocol introduced in Cassandra 1.2.

While the classic Thrift interface of Cassandra will remain supported for a long time to ensure the backward compatibility of existing applications, CQL is now growing fast in the community. Therefore, in the long term, this driver is expected to become a natural replacement for Pycassa, the popular Python client library developed on top of Thrift.

Despite being still in Beta stage, this driver already comes with all the major features found in the other drivers developed by DataStax:

  • Asynchronous architecture
  • Support for Prepared Statements
  • Monitoring and tracing
  • Standardised fail over and load balancing strategies

If you're working with Python and Cassandra or if you wonder about it, it's the right time to give it a try! You can now find it on PyPI. An installation guide is available, and you can start from here:

sudo pip install cassandra-driver

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  1. vijay Kristipati says:

    Hello- Could you please let us know when Authentication/security feature support will be released? Is this in the pipe line? if yes, would it be released in a month or ??


    1. Tyler Hobbs Tyler Hobbs says:

      Vijay, the driver already supports client encryption (SSL) and Cassandra’s authentication features. Hopefully that’s what you’re asking about.

  2. Johnny Chung says:


    I am using Eclipse IDE + PyDev + DJango for my application development, and encountering setup issue for DataStax Python Driver on Windows Environment.
    Can you please let me know whether this Driver support Windows Environment?

    Thank you,


    1. Tyler Hobbs Tyler Hobbs says:

      Johnny, if you’re still having problems, please start a thread on the mailing list for the python driver here:!forum/python-driver-user. Thanks!

  3. Greg Elofson says:

    Can you indicate whether this will soon be *ready* for production systems? And, if not, when you estimate it might be ready for production? Thanks…

  4. Chris Hsu says:

    You mention that authentication has already been implemented in the new Python Cassandra driver. Could you please point me do documentation or an example?



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