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DevCenter 1.3 available now featuring schema wizards and execution of highlighted statements

By Alex Popescu -  March 10, 2015 | 0 Comments

We are happy to announce the immediate availability of a new version of DevCenter which brings the most requested feature, executing highlighted statements, and numerous other new features and improvements. Without further ado, allow me to quickly present the most notable changes in DevCenter 1.3.

Execute highlighted statement(s)

Executing highlighted statements has been, by far, the most requested feature for DevCenter and with every release we've been working towards the point we could provide this feature.

Even if our inventive users found ways around it (by using a separate temporary editor or commenting out the rest of the script—did you know there’s a shortcut, Cmd+7, that can be used to comment a block of CQL?), until now, DevCenter required executing all the statements included in a script. Those days are passed.

Starting with DevCenter 1.3, you can select any part of a script and execute it. When a selection exists in the editor, the tooltip of the Run button will  change to "Execute  selected CQL statements". The editor will determine the currently selected statements and highlight them automatically making it easier to see what's being executed. This also means that  you don't need to worry about selecting a complete statement as DevCenter will be able to figure out this automatically. The status bar of the Result view also provides better details about the results.


Keyspace and Table wizards

Apache Cassandra keyspaces and tables support a wide range of configuration options and while many of these stayed the same over time, new ones are introduced or updated to allow users to take advantage of the latest features. Tracking configuration options based on the version of Apache Cassandra can be a challenge.

By providing visual wizards for creating, editing, and cloning keyspaces and tables that are fully aware of the configuration options supported by your Apache Cassandra or DataStax Enterprise version, we hope that working with and taking full advantage of these advanced options will be more intuitive. The multi-step wizards also allow us to present these options in a more structured way that can simplify understanding their impact.


The CQL preview included in the wizards will reflect live the changes that you apply and this can help understanding and learning CQL.


The last step of the wizards also allow choosing from multiple actions from executing the statements against the current connection to appending the new statements to existing scripts.


Improved error dialogs

Nobody likes errors. Error dialogs are even worse. Finding the right balance between keeping the information presented both useful and detailed enough to allow users to address the issues or report them back to us is challenging. We've started an effort to standardize on error dialogs that present a short summary of the issue with more details being available through the Details button:


Feedback form

Mentioned in every DevCenter blog post and included in the README there is the email address that one could use to send us feedback. But that's not the easiest nor the friendliest way. Starting with DevCenter 1.3 there's a dedicated feedback form right in DevCenter that you can access through the Help menu. Under this same menu we've also included a link to the free online CQL training materials offered by DataStax.


You can download DevCenter 1.3 now. We look forward to hearing your feedback and ideas on how to make DevCenter even more awesome!

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