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Inside OpsCenter 3.0 – Enterprise Provisioning

By Robin Schumacher, SVP and Chief Product Officer -  February 27, 2013 | 0 Comments

When planning DataStax Enterprise Edition 3.0, we had two primary goals in mind: (1) Supply a more secure big data platform; (2) Provide better enterprise manageability and ease of use. For the second objective, we implemented a number of key features in DataStax OpsCenter – our visual management and monitoring solution – that we believe elevates the level on which OpsCenter operates.

The first category of enhancements revolve around enterprise provisioning, which is a fancy word that indicates a set of features geared to help in the creation, configuration, and overall management of a database cluster. Let’s take a quick tour of OpsCenter 3.0 to see what we’re talking about on this front.

Visual Cluster Creation

OpsCenter 3.0 contains new interfaces to visually stand up new database clusters from scratch, whether those clusters will run on premise or in the cloud. You simply specify what version of DataStax Enterprise or Cassandra you want installed, provide the target machine names or IP’s, indicate the make up of the cluster (i.e. how many Cassandra, Hadoop, and Solr nodes you want), change any configuration settings from the default, and OpsCenter does everything else for you.

The actions OpsCenter carries out includes:

  • Downloading the specified software onto each target machine in the new cluster.
  • Configuring the nodes as Cassandra, Hadoop, or Solr machines if DataStax Enterprise is used.
  • Setting the data distribution parameters and other properties for the cluster.
  • Starting the cluster.
  • Installing OpsCenter agents on each node.
  • Setting up the new cluster to be monitored by OpsCenter.

As an example, creating a new 10 node cluster on Amazon took under 3 minutes for all the above actions to be carried out:

Visual Administration

Previous versions of OpsCenter provided a number of administration features, but version 3.0 extends those to provide more enterprise reach for administrators.   Now admins can carry out the following tasks in point-and-click fashion that they couldn’t before:

  • Adding new nodes to a cluster.
  • Starting/stopping individual nodes.
  • Perform rolling restarts of a cluster.
  • Editing a cluster’s/node’s configuration file.

Free for Everyone

All of the new enterprise provisioning features are available in both the community and enterprise editions of OpsCenter, which means that everyone has access to them.

For more information on OpsCenter 3.0, see our online documentation. To give OpsCenter 3.0 a try in your own environment, download a copy today and be sure to let us know what you think.

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