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Jake Luciani Joins Riptano

By October 4, 2010 | 0 Comments

The Riptano team is growing quickly. We are pleased to announce hiring Jake Luciani, an active member of the Apache Cassandra community and the author of Lucandra, the scalable storage engine for Lucene and Solr search.

We asked Jake to share his thoughts about joining Riptano.

"Hi, I'm Jake Luciani and I'm very happy to be joining Riptano. What started
out as a late night coding experiment over a year ago, combining Cassandra
with Lucene, has turned into this great opportunity to continue doing
something I love full-time. Riptano comes from similar roots, a group of
Apache committers and enthusiasts starting a top notch company to support
Cassandra and related technologies commercially. This is what makes open
source so exciting.

The past few years we've seen non-relational data storage or NoSQL systems
become a real alternative for traditional databases. More and more
companies and entrepreneurs are relying on systems like Cassandra to power
their applications. Choice and competition drive innovation, so clearly
this is why NoSQL is becoming such a interesting area to work. I believe
Riptano will be a leader in this space.

I'll be working on the east coast, so if you live close to New York City, or
anywhere else for that matter, drop me a line at jake[at] or
@tjake on twitter.

Happy hacking!"

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