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Riptano and Digital Reasoning Form Partnership

By October 6, 2010 | 0 Comments

We know Apache Cassandra can scale. Some of the largest Web 2.0 companies on the planet use it. But Cassandra is not only effective for Web 2.0 companies, it is also effective for government.

Today, Riptano and Digital Reasoning announced a partnership to advance cloud-scale analytics solutions in commercial and government markets. Earlier this year, Digital Reasoning began building its analytics product, Synthesis, on Cassandra. It is now deploying Synthesis inside the intelligence community across a 400-node cluster. Cassandra and Synthesis together will derive actionable intelligence from hundreds of millions of documents. It is a massive undertaking that shows how Cassandra maintains high performance while scaling horizontally across hundreds of nodes.

For developers, one of the immediate benefits from the partnership is the release of new open-source software, PyStratus. Digital Reasoning developed PyStratus to run Cassandra in the cloud and released it today. Developers can download the software and quickly get Cassandra running on Amazon EC2.

We’re excited about the partnership because it saves developers’ time and illustrates how a variety of organizations look to the NoSQL movement and find Cassandra the logical choice.

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