Talks to look for at the 2012 Cassandra Summit

By Jonathan Ellis -  August 3, 2012 | 0 Comments

The Cassandra Summit 2012 is next week! The schedule and session details are published. Here are some sessions I'm most excited about:

  • Building a Cassandra Based Application from Scratch, by Patrick McFadin. While Cassandra has had excellent documentation for a while now, there's still a gap to jump "hello world" and real application design. I'm expecting Patrick to provide a great head start here.
  • Cassandra at Apigee Usergrid: Powering Mobile, by Ed Anuff. Multitenancy -- sharing a cluster, fairly, across multiple applications and/or users -- is a tricky problem. I'm excited to see the progress Ed's team has made.
  • Cassandra Performance and Scalability on AWS, by Adrian Cockroft. My estimate is that half of all Cassandra deployments are on Amazon's EC2. Netflix has been a leader in pushing the limits of Cassandra scalability and performance in this environment, as well as providing deployment and management tools. I've seen Adrian speak before, and I expect another informative talk from him.
  • Cassandra plus Solr by Matt Stump, and End-to-end Analytic Workflows With Cassandra by Jeremy Hanna. These will cover Solr and Hadoop integration with Cassandra, respectively. Most people don't know that Cassandra can support more than its tradititional short-request query model, so I'm glad to see talks like these to spread awareness.
  • Using Cassandra in an S3 Cloud Storage System, by Gary Ogasawara. Another application that has to deal with issues around multitenancy, as well as defying convention by storing large blob data in Cassandra.
  • Why Architecture Matters (No, Really), by Rick Branson. Most people coming from traditional databases like Oracle have their minds blown by eventual consistency concepts, and how to build applications without ACID transactions. I'm looking forward to Rick's explanation of why the tradeoffs enabling eventual consistency are better than ACID when you scale past a single machine.
  • And of course, case studies from eBay, Disney, OpenWave, Rackspace, and too many more to enumerate. These really demonstrate that Cassandra has outgrown its original stereotype as a database just for social media; Cassandra is now recognized as the tool you need for massive scalability, high performance, and rock-solid reliability.

See you at the Summit! If you haven't registered, you can do so here until space runs out.

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