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By Robin Schumacher -  March 22, 2012 | 0 Comments

As we announced yesterday, our DataStax Enterprise 2.0 server is now ready for download!

Here at DataStax we’re (naturally!) jazzed about this release because it provides a number of very exciting new features including:

  • Enterprise search with Apache Solr! This is definitely the headlining new feature in 2.0. We take all the goodness of Solr, and mix in full data durability, easy scale out, no single points of failure, automatic data sharding, multi-data center support, and real-time search queries via CQL additions. Sound good? We think so.
  • Elastic workload provisioning! Want to easily change some existing Cassandra nodes into Hadoop nodes whenever you’d like and double or quadruple the analytic processing power of your cluster? Well, now you can! And, of course, you can go in the opposite direction too if needed (Hadoop to Cassandra).
  • Easy RDBMS data migration! With 2.0, it’s cake to pump out the data from your legacy RDBMS’s into a database cluster that’s ready for big data.
  • Web/Application log integration! Want to easily analyze and search your web logs and application log files? We make it pretty simple in DataStax Enterprise 2.0.
  • Hadoop upgrade! We’re now on 1.0.

To get a better idea of each new feature, and a good understanding of DataStax Enterprise in general, check out our new “What’s New in DataStax Enterprise 2.0?” paper that’s now available for download. You can also watch a short video that goes over DataStax Enterprise 2.0 as well. And if you’re wanting to move data right now from one or more RDBMS’s into Cassandra/Hadoop/Solr, check out a new article we’ve posted that gives you a good tutorial on how it’s done.

DataStax Enterprise 2.0 also ships with sample demos that showcase all the key features of the server in action. You can run our portfolio demo that shows off the power of Hadoop, our Solr demo that downloads, indexes, and searches Wikipedia with blazing speed, our RDBMS migration demo that migrates data from MySQL into our server, and our log integration demo that shows you how to stream, analyze, and search log data in 2.0. You can find all these in the /demos subdirectory of the server install.

Of course, you can also check out our updated online and PDF docs that cover everything that’s in 2.0 in specific detail.

You can download DataStax Enterprise 2.0 now from our website’s download page. Remember, also, that DataStax Enterprise 2.0 is completely free for development use, so don’t worry about any trial periods or time bombs in the software you’re using. Production deployments do, however, require a subscription, so when you’re ready to go live with your new DataStax Enterprise applications, be sure to contact us so you’re all legal-eagle and fully supported.

Let us know what you think of DataStax Enterprise 2.0 when you get a chance, and thanks for your support of DataStax and Apache Cassandra.

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