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Astra REST API Service

Getting started with the Stargate REST API on Astra


REST stands for Representational State Transfer. The RESTful API style is a popular way of using standard HTTP commands like POST, PUT, GET, DELETE, and others to support exchange of data, using formats such as JSON. This style of interface promotes a clean separation between implementation of clients and servers.

The Stargate open source project provides an API layer that allows you to expose a REST API on top of any Cassandra database. When the Stargate REST API is added to an existing Cassandra deployment, it automatically creates HTTP endpoints that allow you to perform create, read, update, and delete (CRUD) operations on tables in your database. You can also create new database tables directly via the API.

Astra now offers offers a REST API via Stargate, which we explore in this scenario.

We'll use the Astra REST API to:

  • Create a table and a record
  • Read the record from the table
  • Update the record
  • Delete the record

As a prerequisite, be sure to setup an Astra account and create a Cassandra as a Service database at

This is fun and easy! We'll show you how.

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