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Automate Repairs Using Reaper

Perform repairs to clusters using Reaper


Cassandra clusters in production must perform anti-entropy (repair) operations in order to maintain data consistency. Reaper is the preferred solution for anti-entropy operations in Cassandra at scale.

What are anti-entropy (repair) operations in Caasandra?

Every Cassandra cluster will need repairs to maintain data consistency. Tombstones (deletions) or unavailable nodes are common causes of data inconsistency. The Casssandra repair process compares data between replicas and updates all replicas to the latest data. View the Cassandra docs for more details on anti-entropy repair.

This scenario adds Reaper to a Cassandra cluster running in Kubernetes with the cass operator.

In this scenario, we'll:

  • Set up a Cassandra cluster running on Kubernetes
  • Install and configure Reaper
  • Install the example Pet Clinic app
  • View and manage anti-entropy operations in the Cassandra cluster

Let's get started!

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