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Managing Cassandra Clusters in Kubernetes Using the Cass-Operator

Learn to deploy the Cass-operator with Kubernetes


  • Simplify your ops-life by using the Kubernetes Cassandra Operator to run your Cassandra cluster!

In the previous scenario in this course, you learned how to run Cassandra using Docker. Docker containers make replication of Cassandra nodes possible, but it could be a lot of work to deploy them in a large cluster. This is where Kubernetes and the Cassandra Operator come in.

In this scenario, we'll learn how to:

  • Create a Kubernetes cluster using KinD
  • Deploy an ingress controller in the Kubernetes cluster
  • Install the Kubernetes Cassandra operator
  • Create a single node Cassandra cluster managed by the operator
  • Deploy the example Pet Clinic app that uses Cassandra

Note: As we start to use Kubernetes, it is important to recognize that we are working with two types of clusters:

  • Kubernetes clusters - a set of machines called Kubernetes nodes
  • Cassandra clusters - a set of those Kubernetes nodes that host and run the Cassandra software

Here's what we will build.

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