Revital Kremer Uses Real-Time AI to Improve Water Usage and Crop Yields at SupPlant

Revital Kremer Uses Real-Time AI to Improve Water Usage and Crop Yields at SupPlant

Revital Kremer, CTO at SupPlant

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Revital Kremer
Revital Kremer
CTO at SupPlant

Revital Kremer is leading the charge for ag-tech to help farmers overcome water scarcity as climate change continues to challenge growing conditions around the world. She joined SupPlant, a precision ag-tech company, after more than two decades working with technology teams in military, gaming, and other software domains.

SupPlant’s system gathers data from sensors placed on the plant trunk, on the fruit, and in the soil, collecting and transmitting measurements in real time. Learn how Revital and her team help farmers grow healthier plants through AI-powered irrigation, backed by real-time data


My name is Revital Kremer and I’m SupPlant’s CTO for the last two years. Water scarcity and extreme weather events needs technology. We believe that by using our data, we can provide extraordinary features for farmers to learn from and to gain value from. And I believe this in any area, not only in agriculture or specifically in SupPlant, we have to base our decision on data rather than on guts or hunches.

Collecting data is hard. When it comes to sensors, the main obstacles are technical issues. But when we add into this the human factors, there are lots of many obstacles, like emotions, feelings that we have to deal with this data with cautious in order to make it accurate and use it properly.

This is SupPlant’s claim to fame. Using data in order to produce conclusions is what we do. We have to always better understand your customer and strive to understand better your customers and understand their pain points, their needs, and what is the best way to solve them.

The second one is strive for data. Always collect data, organize it, make it available for any kind of decisions. And the last one is infrastructure. We have to have a solid infrastructure that can serve all this magic and always try to improve it on the go. We have to process this data in real time, otherwise it's going to be too late for some of the farmers. This is why we striving to do this in a constant, constant way and providing the information as fast as possible to our end user. DataStax provides an excellent managed solution for for Cassandra -- Astra DB that can spell for us all the gain of managing our systems and enjoying all the benefits of Cassandra.