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Mint Fits the Bill: Real-Time Analysis for 11M Customers

Even with a fast-growing number of user and accounts across various data models, Mint continues to scale with ease to support this massive growth.

Intuit Mint

The Largest Data-Driven Enterprises Use DataStax to Grow Their Business

The Largest Data-Driven Enterprises Use DataStax to Grow Their Business

Capital One

How Capital One Handles 21k Transactions per Second with DSE

Most people know about Capital One’s credit card dominance and “What’s in Your Wallet?” commercials, but not many people know how the banking and financial services industry (BFSI) powerhouse managed to pull off one of the biggest enterprise-level digital transformations of the 21st century.

DataStax Enterprise Search is very versatile in nature and provides many options to query the data, including ranged queries, regular expression based search, non-equality based search and faceted queries - which are all tempting to use.

Javed Roshan,
Director of Data Services at CapitalOne


Macy’s Reduces Catalog Refresh Time by 6X

Facing a heavy increase in traffic for its ecommerce site and omnichannel catalog, Macy’s needed something far more powerful and flexible than the relational database it was using. DSE allows them to handle 10x growth of their catalog without issue.


ACI Achieves 100% Uptime with DataStax

ACI Worldwide, a payment systems software leader and pioneer, needed to up its database power and flexibility to be able to handle a massive increase both in global transactions and in global, transaction-related fraud. To accomplish this, ACI Worldwide knew it needed a database made to scale easily and analyze massive volumes of data in real time.

Partnering with Enterprises

NYSE Euronext

More Enterprises

Macy's Macy's

Macy's Reduces Catalog Data Refresh Time by 6x


METRO uses DataStax as its core data management platform for microservices

Mint Bills Mint Bills

Mint Provides Real-Time Analysis to 11M Customers

MobilePay MobilePay

MobilePay banks on DataStax for mainframe migration

Penn Mutual Penn Mutual

Penn Mutual simplifies storage and access to 150 years worth of data with DataStax Enterprise

ProtectWise ProtectWise

ProtectWise is revolutionizing enterprise network security with the DataStax platform

RevTrax RevTrax

RevTrax propels their AI offering with DataStax Enterprise

Saab Medav Technologies Saab Medav Technologies

DataStax Enterprise as a scalable substructure for Information Fusion System (IFC) from Saab Medav Technologies

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