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DataStax is proud Platinum sponsor of ApacheCon, the official global conference of The Apache Software Foundation.

Don't miss out on our keynote and sessions in the Apache Cassandra track:

[KEYNOTE] DataStax Astra and Apache Cassandra: Sustainable Open Source in the Cloud Era
Tuesday, September 29, 9:00 am PT

Apache Cassandra solves database performance at scale better than any other system in the world, but it was designed for a world of self-managed infrastructure. This created a lot of rough edges for the level of automation DataStax needed to build its Astra managed service for Cassandra. Building Astra also exposed some gaps in Cassandra’s feature set that modern developers want and expect from a database-as-a-service.

DataStax believes that developers and businesses shouldn’t have to give up ownership of their data to take advantage of the benefits of cloud infrastructure. We want everyone to have the freedom to deploy anywhere, without lock-in. This talk will explain how we’re bringing the enhancements we made for Astra back to Apache Cassandra. Following the Cassandra Enhancement Proposal process, we are showing that cloud and open source are not mutually exclusive.

Speaker: Jonathan Ellis, Co-founder and CTO, DataStax

[SESSION] Cloud-Native Cassandra
Tuesday, September 29, 11:15 am PT

Kubernetes is becoming a standard tool to deploy large scale infrastructure and lately, Apache Cassandra. We'll look at some of the methods used to deploy Cassandra using Kubernetes including storage options, networking configuration, and monitoring. In the past year, the Apache Cassandra project has also taken on the task of creating a common operator closer to the project. Get the latest status of the operator effort and where it will be headed post-Cassandra 4.0.

Speaker: Patrick McFadin, VP of Developer Relations, DataStax

[SESSION] Getting Started with Cassandra the Right Way
Tuesday, September 29, 11:55 am PT

Cassandra users run into problems particularly when they're new to the technology. In this session, Erick will discuss:

  • The common pitfalls so you don't fall into the trap
  • Top things users ask for help
  • How to quickly diagnose issues
  • Where to get help

Speaker: Erick Ramirez, Developer Advocate, DataStax

[SESSION] Getting Involved with the Apache Cassandra Project
Thursday, October 1, 9:15 am PT

They say it’s always hard the first time you do something. Is it really? In this talk we prove the opposite and give some guidance on how to simplify the way new open-source contributors learn and contribute for the first time to a project like Apache Cassandra. Contributions can happen in many forms, from documentation, testing and bug fixing to developing new cool features. Come, join us in our exciting adventure to Cassandra 4.0, the most stable release ever, and beyond to 5.0!

Speaker: Ekaterina Dimitrova, Software Engineer, DataStax

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