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Close the Innovation Gap with Data in Motion

Harness data in motion with a modern data management strategy

North America/Latin America

Harness data in motion with a modern data management strategy

Whether you call it data in motion or real-time data, it’s imperative to manage and use all the data pouring into your organization. Reacting immediately and continuously to data from operational and transactional systems, customer interactions, scanners and sensors, and the web can empower you to:

  • Develop innovative applications fueled by data in motion
  • Increase customer engagement through immediate, personalized responses
  • Propel business growth and competitive advantage with better decisions

The key to optimizing data in motion is adopting a modern data management strategy offering flexibility, speed, scale, and adaptability. We’ll share a proven approach that can help you:

  • Reduce complexity in your data management strategy
  • Avoid friction between business and IT regarding data architecture
  • Empower app development teams with real-time data

Who should watch:

  • Business leaders eager to use real-time data to achieve growth and revenue goals.
  • Architects interested in solving challenges around modernizing a real-time data ecosystem.
  • Engineering leaders looking for insights about the advantages of a holistic enterprise data management strategy vs. point products.