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Are you interested in learning how new modern architectures are designed to support some of the world’s largest platforms, as well as the capability to integrate legacy systems for a holistic view of your corporate data?

Join DataStax and Confluent for Data and Drinks at 10 Degrees in Seattle on Thursday, October 17 for an amazing distillery tour, delicious food, and networking.

We’ll have a technical discussion around the value proposition of integrating Confluent’s Kafka and DataStax Enterprise. We will showcase a highly scalable, fault-tolerant streaming integration to perform a data management platform known for delivering high value to you and your customers.

We'll also hear from Josh Turner of T-Mobile, who will be sharing his experience leveraging these great technologies to overcome his data challenges.

We will discuss:

✓   Architectural overview of Confluent’s Kafka
Architectural overview of DataStax Enterprise
Modern solutions designed to address today’s application needs
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