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DataStax Summit Europe
2016 Keynote
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DataStax Summit Europe Tracks

Immediately Decisive: Using Apache Spark for Data Pipelines

Call it Lambda. Or HTAP. Or just plain old making your data work for you. This track will take you through how to use Apache Spark and Cassandra to bring data based decisions to your application in real time.
DataStax Introduction
Martin Van Ryswyk, Executive Vice President of Engineering, DataStax
Data Pipelines with Spark and DataStax Enterprise
Simon Ambridge, Solutions Engineer, DataStax
Slideshare available
Streaming Customer Insights with DSE, Cassandra and Apache Kafka
Josep Casals, Head of Data Engineering, British Gas Connected Homes
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Real Time Personal Trainer on the SMACK Stack
Jan Machacek, CTO, Cake Solutions; Anirvan Chakraborty, Technical Director, Cake Solutions Limited
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Zeppelin Demonstration
Duy Hai Doan, Technical Evangelist, DataStax

Architecting for Scale: Real World Use Cases and Examples

Internet of Things (IOT), Messaging, Recommendations...Cassandra and DataStax Enterprise powers many of the universe’s most modern and engaging applications. Learn the secrets that some European enterprises have around data modeling for these complex problems.
DataStax Introduction
Steve van den Berg, Regional Vice President, DataStax
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DataStax: Data Modeling Basics
Robert Stupp, Solutions Architect and Cassandra Committer, DataStax
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Transition from being tactical to being strategic with managed solutions to unlock the promise of Big Data
Paul Davies, EMEAR Data Center Sales Lead, Big Data & Analytics Solutions, Cisco & Tina Diamond, EMEA Managing Director, Cloudwick
Q&A Panel
Hosted by Steve van den Berg, DataStax & Guests

Making Connections with Graph

We know that Apache Cassandra is the go to choice for continuously available applications. We know that it is blindingly fast and can scale to the most extreme workloads. Now, DataStax has upped the game by giving DataStax Graph “edge”. Learn how you can use DataStax Enterprise Graph to traverse complicated relationships in your data in real time. This track covers the whys and hows to use DSE Graph to up your data-fu.
DataStax Introduction
Matthias Broecheler, Director of Engineering for DSE Graph at DataStax
Exploring DSE Graph Fundamentals
Jon Haddad, Technical Evangelist for Apache Cassandra, DataStax
Seeing Your Graphs:
How to Successfully Visualize Connected Data
Dr Joe Parry, CEO, Cambridge Intelligence
Hello DSE Graph - Let's Build a Knowledge Graph
Markus Höfer - IT Consultant, Codecentric

Building Scalable, Real Time Applications for Financial Services

This track focuses on how to build secure, continuously available applications for Financial Services using DataStax Enterprise, the only database platform built on Apache Cassandra. It starts with architectural basics and moves on to Financial Services focused use cases, code examples and more. You will walk away knowing how to take your application into the future.
DataStax Introduction
Simon Webster, SVP and General Manager of EMEA, DataStax
DataStax Enterprise, Foundations for Finance
Daniel Cohen, Solutions Engineer, DataStax
Building a Digital Bank
Rajay Rai, Digital Architect & Head of Ninjas, Macquarie Group Ltd
Hardening DSE for Compliance (or Paranoia)
Nate McCall, Co-Founder and Senior Technical Consultant, The Last Pickle
The Big Data Landscape
Martin Van Ryswyk, Executive Vice President of Engineering, DataStax
Field Notes - DSE in Practice
Caroline George - Solutions Engineer, DataStax
From Pilot to Production
Patrick Callaghan, Solutions Architect, DataStax
“There and Back Again”, ING’s Cassandra Tale
Christopher Reedijk, Chapter Lead, ING; Gary Stewart, Engineer/Architect, ING

Building and Maintaining Bulletproof Systems

Slow = Down. Down = Bad. Don’t be the person who builds bad. Learn how to architect your application that can withstand outages, human error and all other sorts of bad. This track walks you through how to take advantage of all that Cassandra and the DataStax Enterprise platform has to offer in terms of operational best practices from those who know it best.
DataStax Introduction
Tim Vincent, EMEA Solutions Engineer Team Lead, DataStax
How DataStax Enterprise and Microsoft Azure Make Your Apps Scale from Day 1
Carlos Rolo, Database Consultant, DataStax Certified Cassandra Architect, Cassandra MVP, Pythian
Scaling DataStax with Docker
Joel Jacobson, Solutions Engineer, DataStax