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Jamstack Conf 2021

DataStax is a proud partner with Netlify, and sponsor of Jamstack Conf happening October 6 and 7! Join 20,000 developers, web teams and a stellar line up of community creators and ecosystem partners, this is the web development event you won't want to miss!

  • Not just another virtual event—join Cassidy Williams, Jason Lengstorf and Phil Hawksworth as they teleport back to the 90s and bring the laughs, contests and giveaways. 
  • We’ll have three tracks featuring technical demos and talks, how-to’s, new product launches, and a special edition of learn with Jason, where he’ll build an app live with different guest speakers throughout the day. 
  • This year’s Jamstack Conf is all about how the ecosystem has grown and evolved, empowering frontend web developers to build full stack applications. The rise of serverless databases is a huge part of this trend. Datastax is a sponsor of the event, because its Astra serverless database is making it possible for web developers to build applications with Cassandra.