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Pulsar Vs. Kafka: How to Save Big on your Streaming Platform

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Join GigaOm analyst William McKnight and DataStax VP of Product Management Chris Latimer to learn how Apache Pulsar can deliver a superior event streaming solution at a fraction of the cost. Today enterprises require data to be consumed, produced, analyzed, and reacted to in real-time. Apache Pulsar is rapidly drawing the attention of these forward-thinking enterprises as the most comprehensive cloud-native distributed streaming and messaging platform. Tune in to know more about

  • How Apache Pulsar can dramatically reduce costs over competing technologies such as Apache Kafka.
  • How Apache Pulsar can modernize your organization’s data in motion strategy.
  • Why more and more enterprises are making the decision to bet big on Apache Pulsar as their event streaming and messaging platform of choice.
Chris Latimer

Chris Latimer

DataStax VP of Product Management

William McKnight

William McKnight

GigaOm Analyst


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