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Join us for React \w/ Cassandra Dev Day on 12/9 to learn how millions of developers build apps faster and more easily using the Netlify application stack and Apache Cassandra, the database that powers the best of the internet.


Hello {JSON}, Meet Scalability

9:00 AM – 9:30 AM PT

When you start building something new, you're When you start building something new, you're probably finding yourself working with JSON, as it's easy to work with and incredibly flexible. This fireside chat unites Charity Majors and Henrik Ingo, two distinguished authors and technology leaders with history influencing Parse and MongoDB, respectively. Together, they will navigate the importance of observability, flexibility, and scalability when working with JSON data. Get their perspective on the history, lessons learned, and future of distributed document technologies.

The Future of Data and the Jamstack

9:30 AM - 9:45 AM PT

Jamstack is a new web architecture that decouples the frontend from the backend, optimizing for performance, security and scalability. The biggest myth about the Jamstack is that it’s just for static websites. Netlify Co-founder and CEO Matt Biilmann will describe how he thinks about data in the Jamstack era, and how web developers are more empowered than ever to build dynamic, fullstack applications thanks to a growing ecosystem of robust API services.

[Demo] Build a TikTok Clone with Ania Kubów

9:45 AM – 10:10AM PT

Build for vitality! What’s a developer’s secret weapon to prepare their app for making the top 5? In this demo, you’ll see what it’s like to build a TikTok-like app with the same database that helps Netflix, Spotify, and Apple scale. Be ready when your app goes viral!

[Workshop] Game Development with Jamstack + Cassandra

10:30 AM – 1:30 PM PT

What if a simple commit was all you need to deploy your app into production? Learn about serverless CI/CD with Netlify - no more nightmares.

In this hands-on workshop, we will build an Apples to Apples-like game using Netlify, DataStax Astra, and the Jamstack.

You can learn more about the day's agenda as it evolves and register now to join us for a live and interactive experience you won’t want to miss.

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