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Industry Event · Online

Top 10 present and future innovations in the NoSQL Cassandra ecosystem.

Are you new to Apache Cassandra® and wondering what all the excitement is about? Or a veteran Cassandra user interested in understanding what’s new in the project?

Oct 18 | Tue, 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM PDT (UTC-07:00)

Attend our live webinar with InfoQ to learn about the latest Cassandra release and why it represents a big step forward but also all the initiative and new projects rising in the ecosystem, DataStax Director of Developer Relations Cedrick Lunven will walk you through new features in version 4.1.

You will learn:

  • System-wide Guardrails
  • Denylisting Partition Keys
  • Diagnostic events via CQL, not just JMX
  • CQLSH Auth support for LDAP, Kerberos and more
  • Lots of new, pluggable extension points

Also, celebrate our open source community with highlights from the 2022 Apache Cassandra World Party and a look ahead to Cassandra 5.0!