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Join Cédrick Lunven and special guest Mark Paluch as we show you how to build a ToDo app on Apache Cassandra using Spring Boot and Spring Data. Mark is a Software Craftsman, Spring Data Project Lead at Pivotal and Lead of the Lettuce Redis driver, so we are very excited to have him join us for this workshop!

From Data Modelling to Endpoint Exposure, you will have to create the data model and develop the service. We will cover multiple frameworks and implementation strategies : Spring, Spring-Boot, Spring Data Spring Web MVC.

We'll explore the power of these frameworks and you will get hands on experience in building a ToDo application!

We will do all of our work in the cloud with Gitpod’s open source, zero-install and collaborative development environment. We'll use Apache Cassandra™ as the database to fit the highly concurrent, non-blocking nature of our reactive application.

That's not all ....

If you attend the LIVE session, we will provide you with a FREE certification voucher normally priced at $145. Learn more about the certification here

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