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Astra Streaming

Unified event streaming, queuing, and pub sub.

Delivered as a fully-managed SaaS with boundless scale, massive throughput and low latency. Astra Streaming is the simplest way to modernize your event driven architecture and turbo charge your data in motion strategy.

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The power of real-time data and the simplicity of the cloud

Astra Streaming offers all the features you’ve come to expect in a cloud service with elastic scalability, pay as you go pricing and a serverless architecture.

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Connect Aligned with DB

Pulsar as a Service

Massively scalable event streaming powered by Apache Pulsar delivered as a fully managed service. Eliminate the overhead to install, operate, and scale Pulsar.

Seamless Modernization

Out of the box support and interoperability between JMS, RabbitMQ, Kafka, and Pulsar in a single platform.

Zero Lock-in

Built to run in the cloud of your choice without sacrificing open source compatibility.


In-stream processing of event data with Apache Pulsar functions for easy creation of smarter data pipelines.


Integration with your favorite monitoring platforms via Prometheus.

Unified Real-Time Data

Connectivity with Astra DB to manage both real-time data-in-motion and data-at-rest in a single stack.

Use Cases

Endless Possibilities

Astra Streaming was engineered from the ground up to address a wide range of use cases that are needed to power your real time data strategy.

Build real time data pipelines by ingesting data changes from existing relational or NoSQL databases and streaming it into AstraDB or data warehouses such as Snowflake.

Publish events as they happen from anywhere in your application ecosystem to notify subscribers and take action in real time.

Devices at the edge can produce massive amounts of data. Sensor readings, wearables and other IoT hardware often send continuous streams of data. Astra Streaming provides the highly scalable event streaming that can keep up with even the largest fleet of IoT devices. With the ability to scale up to millions of topics, Astra Streaming is a perfect fit for edge computing and IoT use cases.

AI and ML are no longer some futuristic technology whose promises lie over the horizon. They’re here today and smart businesses are applying machine learning in real time as part of their core business operations. Astra Streaming provides the mechanisms necessary to inject machine learning as part of your event stream processing.

Enterprises can't operate without up-to-the-moment access to key data and metrics that reflect the ongoing operations of their business. Astra Streaming provides you with a comprehensive solution for building real-time data pipelines. By combining Astra Streaming with the built-in integration to Astra DB, you can turn your firehose of events into a read-optimized data view that can be served up instantly to keep key stakeholders informed in real time.

Astra Streaming Use Cases
Commonstock logo

Commonstock is a social network that amplifies the knowledge of the best investors, verified by actual track records for signal over noise.

"The Commonstock platform allows users to find and follow leading investors, learn from them and connect with friends to share verified investment insights. Similar to other social media networks like Facebook or Instagram, our business is powered by real-time data. Astra Streaming is a critical technology for our company as it powers our investment insights feed and gives users real-time mobile alerts when a new investment post or comment is shared - which is at the core of our business."

Michael Smith

Founding Engineer, Commonstock

Metering Details

UsageBilling UnitMetering Details

Write Bandwidth

The “Write Bandwidth” is based on the payload size of each streaming write.

RabbitMQ clients will incur a “RabbitMQ Write Bandwidth” charge in addition to the standard “Write Bandwidth” charge.

The minimum message byte size is 512 bytes. Messages smaller than 512 bytes will be charged as if they were 512-byte messages.

Read Bandwidth

The “Read Bandwidth” is based on the payload size of each streaming read.

RabbitMQ clients will incur a “RabbitMQ Read Bandwidth” charge in addition to the standard “Read Bandwidth” charge.

The minimum message byte size is 512 bytes. Messages smaller than 512 bytes will be charged as if they were 512-byte messages.


“Storage” means all messages persisted onto storage disk.

Storage is calculated based on logical storage consumption. Storage is measured in GB per month, using the maximum data stored in the given month for the usage calculation.


“Topic/Partitions” means the channel used to pass messages published by producers to consumers who process those messages.

Topic-partitions are measured per hour.

Function Instances

A “Function Instance” means a unit used for scaling Pulsar functions or Pulsar IO connectors running on Astra Streaming.

Each Function Instance is assigned a specific amount of CPU and memory which can be allocated to a Pulsar function. Each Pulsar function running on Astra Streaming will have a minimum of one Function Instance allocated to it. 

Function instances are measured per hour.

Function Read Bandwidth

“Function Read Bandwidth” is based on the payload size of each function read.

Function read bandwidth is the egress traffic measured in GB coming out of a function (or connector).

Function Write Bandwidth

“Function Write Bandwidth” is based on the payload size of each function write.

Function write bandwidth is the ingress traffic measured in GB coming into a function (or connector).

Metrics Read

The “Metrics Read” is based on the payload size of each streaming metrics read.

Metrics reads are measured in GB.

Metering Unit Rates


Write Bandwidth, RabbitMQ Write Bandwidth (GB)



Read Bandwidth, RabbitMQ Read Bandwidth (GB)



Storage (GB/month)



Topic/Partitions (topic-partition hours)



Function Instances (function instance hours)



Function Read Bandwidth (GB)



Function Write Bandwidth (GB)



Metrics Read (GB)





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Astra Streaming

Multi-cloud Streaming-as-a-Service built on Apache Pulsar™

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