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Fraud Detection

You should always be aware of potential threats.
So should your database.
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The Challenge
The proliferation of internet-connected devices is driving ecommerce, and with it fraud,
making early detection a challenge. Factor in the need to guard sensitive customer
information against sophisticated technology and fraud can cost your business billions of
dollars. Real-time monitoring identifies out-of-the-ordinary patterns to uncover and take
action against attacks before damage occurs.
Why DataStax?
Real-time, contextual analysis
powered by a graph database to
quickly identify atypical patterns and
respond immediately to minimize
the impact of fraud.
Built-in enterprise-class security
guards customer data, preventing
compliance issues, identity theft and
other problems.
High-performance data analysis at
scale, in real time, across data
centers, with zero downtime.
Businesses that rely on DataStax Enterprise prevent losses before they happen
$21 million
The average cost
of a data breach per day
Days it takes to recover from
a fraud-driven failure
Lost productivity and brand
damage due to fraud
Users of DataStax Enterprise for Fraud Detection