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Consumer Fraud

Use real-time, contextual fraud detection and prevention to lower fraud losses, reduce risk, and improve customer satisfaction.




Global card-related fraud losses in 2017




Lost productivity and brand damage due to fraud



Uptime achieved by Macquarie Bank



Milliseconds response time seen by Macy's

Stay Compliant and Safeguard Your Business Against Fraud

DataStax helps you discover patterns and anomalies by comparing real-time transactions against historic behavioral and purchasing patterns — in time to eliminate risks.



Real-Time, Contextual Analysis

Understand user behavior to identify atypical patterns and act on fraud in real time.

Built-In Enterprise-Class Security

Protect customer data, preventing identity theft and compliance issues.

Guaranteed Uptime

Ensure uninterrupted access to data with 100% uptime across multiple data centers.

Protect Your Customers and Outsmart the Fraudsters

The proliferation of interconnected devices has made consumer identities far more complex than we could have ever imagined, which has made fighting fraud and protecting consumer data extremely difficult. Watch this webinar to learn how ACI Worldwide, a payment systems company that serves 18 of the world’s 20 largest banks and 300 of the world’s largest retailers, uses DataStax Enterprise and artificial intelligence to help its customers battle fraud-related challenges and threats.

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Additional Use Cases

Read about other ways customers have leveraged DataStax to accomplish their goals and further their businesses.


Personalization & Recommendations

Deliver relevant and timely content
to customers.

Consumer Fraud Detection

Detect and prevent fraud using real-time,
contextual information.

Loyalty Programs

Increase revenue and drive loyalty tailored
to your customers.

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