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Internet of Things

Keep your finger on the pulse of the radically new connected world.
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The Challenge
Billions of people, objects, and ‘things’ are constantly communicating, changing the
way organizations and customers interact with each other and the environment
around them. Data comes from different geographical locations and across multiple
channels. Managing this explosion of high-velocity dynamic data while maintaining
customer privacy is a challenge with legacy systems.
Why DataStax?
Built from the ground up to
consume time-series and
sensor-based information faster
than any other database.
Easily add scale and capacity while
maintaining 100% uptime – no
matter what.
Search and analyze information to
deliver mind-blowing experiences
that will drive engagement
and growth.
Businesses that rely on DataStax make smart decisions from smart devices
$14+ trillion
Total value that networked people,
data, and things will drive by 2022
$11.1 trillion
Potential economic impact per year by
2025 for IoT applications
2 zettabytes
Annual global IP traffic per year by
2019 due to IoT
Users of DataStax for Internet of Things
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