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Internet of Things (IoT)

Manage IoT data at velocity and apply the right tools for data analytics and related data sets by leveraging a distributed data architecture that supports exponential growth.




Global IoT spending by 2022



Connected IoT devices by 2020



Growth for cellular enabled IoT devices by 2022



IoT data in global datasphere by 2025

How to Manage Internet of Things (IoT) Data

Managing IoT data at scale is not a trivial task, and with rapidly evolving 5G infrastructure even more sensors are going to flood data centers with additional data. Are you ready to handle today's IoT data at tomorrow's scale? Are you dealing with disparate data sources? Learn more about how a distributed data architecture can support exponential growth of IoT data, provide the right tools for data analytics and related data sets, and ensure that your customers are relying on real-time data, delivered instantly wherever they are.

Unlock Higher Value from Your IoT Data


High-Speed Data Ingestion

Built from the ground up to consume time-series and sensor-based data at high velocity with zero downtime.

Infinite Scalability

Easily add scale and capacity while maintaining 100% uptime – no matter what or where; at the edge, on-premises, across clouds.

Advanced Analytics

Search and analyze information, and cross-correlate remote data to deliver mind-blowing experiences that will drive business value and growth.

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Best Practices and Solution Architectures

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Implementing Search in Web, Mobile, and IoT Applications

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