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ToDo App using JAMStack, Netlify, and Astra DB

This is an example React To-Do application using a DataStax Astra DB free tier database.

10 minutesBeginner

Updated April 11, 2022

JAMStack + Netlify + Astra DB + Cassandra

10 minutes, Beginner, Start Building

This is an example React To-Do application using a DataStax Astra free tier database.


Quick Start

  1. Signup for DataStax Astra, or login to your already existing account.

  2. Create an Astra DB Database or use an existing one.

  3. Create an Astra DB Keyspace called sag_todo_jamstack in your database.

  4. Generate an Application Token with the role of Database Administrator for the Organization that your Astra DB is in.

  5. Click the 'Open in Gitpod' link: Open in IDE

  6. Once the app is finished launching in the Gitpod IDE, copy the .env.example file to a file named .env and fill the required values in from your Application Token and Astra DB connection settings.

  7. Start the example by running npm run dev in the Gitpod console.


  • Provide a fullstack development example using Astra DB as the storage backend

How this works

Once the Astra DB credentials are provided, the necessary tables are created in the database. The webservice will be available on port 8888 once the application has been deployed.

JAMstack is a big leap forward in how we can write web applications that are easy to write, deploy, scale, and also maintain. Using this approach means that newly created content is rendered from a content API, while a static render of it is being built into the site for future.

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