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Keep Calm and Cassandra On

Keep Calm and Cassandra On

During the COVID-19 crisis, many in the Cassandra community are working very hard in times of unprecedented need. We want to offer you the following to help:

SRE Office hours for Apache Cassandra - Reserve time on this calendar to discuss any Cassandra questions or issues with our technical staff at no charge. You don’t have to be a DataStax product or Luna customer. For non-urgent questions, you can also use or email  

Cassandra cluster health-checks - For existing DataStax customers, you can also get a cluster health-check by sending a note to We’ll provide you with the data from our internal diagnostic tools and whatever guidance we can.

-The DataStax SRE Team

Keep calm and Cassandra on

Open-Source, Scale-Out, Cloud-Native NoSQL Database

Astra DB is scale-out NoSQL built on Apache Cassandra.™ Handle any workload with zero downtime and zero lock-in at global scale.

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